Respite is a service that is specifically for the caregiver.  It is designed to help facilitate your loved one’s continued placement at home.  It gives parents and family members a needed break.  The amount and type of respite is individualized to the needs of the family.  It is funded by HCBS waiver and NYS OPWDD.  (This can also be a self-directed service as if approved by the budget.)

Site based

Free Standing

  • Our Respite House, located at 147 Front Street, Binghamton, NY, has seven bedrooms with the potential to accommodate eight individuals for overnight stays.  This facility can accommodate a family’s need for a longer term respite period compared to the Hourly and Afterschool Respite.  There is a large, open activity area and a full kitchen to accommodate dining in a family-style atmosphere.
  • For more information on our Free Standing Respite program, contact the Manager at 607-348-0417 ext 504.


  • Respite is provided in the form of an after school program at the local Glenwood BOCES site.  This program runs from 2:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and can assist families in providing care for individuals during the after school hours.  Individuals are able to have a snack and engage in unstructured activities to unwind after their school day.
  • For more information, call 607-205-1077

Home based Respite


  • Hourly Respite allows for a provider to go directly to the individual’s home to provide care.  This is often helpful for those individuals that have difficulty with change.  Providers can also accompany the individual out in the community to engage in activities and events.
  • For more information call 607-205-1077


Habilitation services help people to develop skills needed to build a successful life.  These skills are specifically tailored to the dreams and goals of the person.  These can include:  becoming a productive member of the community, learning to be more self-sufficient,  and building personal relationships.  (This can also be a self-directed service as if approved by the budget.)

Community Hab

This service has more flexibility as to the time of day it can be provided.  If you are living at home it can be provided any days of the week.  Providers are specifically trained to help one explore new interests, and build on existing skills.

For more information call 607-205-1077

Day Hab without walls

HCA does not offer a center based Day hab program.  This service can only be provided Monday Thru Friday and must occur during day hours.  This program also helps one to navigate the community, volunteer, and engage in areas of interest.

For more information call 607-205-2077

Employment Services

Specially trained providers help individuals to gain and maintain gainful employment.  This includes an assessment period on the person’s strength, interests and needs.  The Assessment help the person and provider select the most appropriate and meaningful employment opportunities. (This can also be a self-directed service as if approved by the budget.)

ETP (Employment Training Program)

This program requires an assessment and training period that includes paid internships.  The series of internships helps the individuals to gain the social and basic job readiness skills to obtain/maintain a paying community job.

SEMP (Supported Employment)

This program is designed for people who already have some job readiness skills.  They typically need minimal support to obtain and maintain community jobs.  This program can also help the person navigate the social aspects, transportation and basic good employee conduct to maintain their job.

Prevoc  (Pre Vocational)

People that utilize this service need an opportunity to develop the  skills to obtain paid employment.  The focus is to help them gain overall experience that could be used in any workplace.  It is not designed to teach skills needed for a specific job.  People who are enrolled in this program generally will not be ready to begin job development for at least a year.

Fiscal Intermediary

We provide support for people who self-direct their own budget. HCA provides administrative and billing support. This can include assistance to hire and train staff as appropriate. Regular expense summaries are provided in accordance to the budget.


HCA brokerage helps people who are self-directing develop their budget and maintain their allotted budget. The Broker facilitates a cohesive team approach thru Circle of Support meetings

Individualized Services and Goods

IDGS are services, equipment or supplies not otherwise provided through OPWDD’s HCBS waiver or through Medicaid that address an identified need in a participant’s life. HCA supports the person in maintain their IDGS budget.

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