HCA, Helping Celebrate Abilities, has been providing services to the disabled population since 1947.  What began as a small preschool for special needs children has grown into a much larger organization serving people with disabilities of all ages. These programs include 15 residential group homes, 10 integrated preschool classrooms as well as respite, habilitation, counseling, employment, and self-directed services.  HCA is a NYS Cerebral Palsy Affiliate as well as a United Way Member Agency.

Our mission is to develop, establish and maintain multidisciplinary diagnostic and treatment services for developmentally and physically disabled persons and their families; plan and implement individualized programs designed to increase to the greatest possible degree the individual’s physical, social, intellectual, and emotional abilities; and enable developmentally disabled persons to remain in the community, develop to their fullest potential, and become independent functional members of society.


“At this point in my life, there is not too much that amazes me. It seems I’ve seen the highs and lows of just about everything.

One thing that continues to astonish me is the people I get to work with here. Time after time their sense of compassion and commitment is demonstrated in ways that overwhelm me. The professionalism throughout the agency is astounding.”

Steve Sano

Executive Director

“My Board presence has included over 13 years of service.  Through these years, I have continued to witness the mentoring, love, and compassion that our employees and staff exhibit every day, to our individuals and families.  This is what makes HCA different.”

William Sands

Board President


William Sands


Lars Mead

Vice President

Amy Brown


Dana Potter


Gail Barton

Board Member

Michael Chorny

Board Member

George A. Penrose

Board Member

Catherine Ryan

Board Member