HCA held its 72nd Annual Meeting on Wednesday, May 29th at the Binghamton Club in Binghamton, NY.  This year’s guest speakers were Dave Clark, author, speaker motivational coach and the inspiration behind Disability, Dream & Do (D3), and Doug Cornfield, author, speaker, former college athlete and the Director of D3Day sports camps.  Several HCA employees were presented awards for their years of service to our organization:

5 Years: Tchai Alford, Melinda Andrus, Barbara Bilka, Milica Briant, Brooklyn Brulla, Darnell Fernandez, Ife Frances, Shawna Geertgens, Janishak Gutierrez, Heather Howard, Tracie Kemp, Alan Shannon, Stephnie Thornton, Molly Tomancik.

10 Years: Theresa Bailey, Barbara Brown, Jacqueline LaMont, Eric Paoletti, Jessica Papa, Brooke Specht, Tammera Ziegenhagen, Desiree zu Hone.

15 Years: Maxine Gage, Rick Henderson, Lisa Kost, Katrina Morrison, Shawn Stevens

20 Years: Joseph Marin

25 Years: Linda Gehr, Alicia Smalley, Cheryl Smith, Stephanie Westgate

30 Years: Joseph McDaniels

35 Years: Christine Breslin

Congratulations to our employees!!